Friday Finds: First Edition

I want to start out very bluntly and say that it’s tricky for me to share things I love without it morphing into me telling you all the things you “need” to buy. Because, as I’ve talked about previously, we don’t need to purchase a lot of material posessions to enjoy life. With this in mind, you can be confident that I am sharing something with you because I want you to know about it, not because I want you to buy everything! Maybe next time you are out of an item or researching a big purchase, something here will help direct you.

Ok, with that little confession out of the way, here we go!

I have had a life-changing experience with a soap, I use it as a face soap, and I feel compelled to share it here. Seriously, friends, it has changed my face for the better (x1000) and I loved it enough that I packed a bar and took it around the world with me! It’s super affordable and I now have a few bars in stock so that I never run out. Also, one bar lasts forever. I’m completely loyal to their chapstick now, too! The creators are friends of ours, and I’m so impressed by all of their hard work creating these products, but also STARTING A LAVENDER FARM! Who does that? Well, our friends do and we couldn’t be more proud to say we know them. But for reals, I’m only telling you about this because I am in love with these products.

You know we love to travel, and there are thousands of folks out there that love to travel, too. Before we go on any trip, we like to watch videos and get a feel for where we are going and the things to do there. It helps to get the kids excited and we learn a thing or two. We may not watch a lot of TV (or any), but you may find our family sitting at home on a Saturday night with a bowl of popcorn, watching YouTube travel videos.

Our problem is that many travel vloggers don’t deliver a consistent product and are such a turn-off. I can’t explain why, they just are. I think many folks (including us) love Rick Steves, but he only covers Europe. We really did struggle to find a blogger/vlogger that we enjoyed that went outside of Europe. That is, until we stumbled upon Kara and Nate! Oh my goodness, we love their videos. The kids love to watch their videos. And it’s safe for the family to watch together, so that always helps if you don’t have to worry about what may pop up on the screen unexpectedly. Kara and Nate have a ton of vlogs on YouTube, and if you ever want to educate yourself on other parts of the world and be entertained, I’d highly recommend this sweet duo. Here’s their website, or you can search “Kara and Nate” on YouTube. I’ll link the first video we ever saw of theirs, the Sunday night Change Mai street market (which we totally did while were in Chang Mai, thanks to them)!

This is a waaay out of date recommendation, but if you’ve not read this book, you should! It’s one of my favorites from last year. Even if you have no plan to travel, I think you’ll enjoy her family’s experiences of selling everything they owned and traveling the world.

If you don’t have a good peeler, get one of these. They are amazingly sharp and so super affordable. Maybe buy yourself a 3-pack and share one with a friend!

Ikea cabinet blog posts are all over the internet, but this post recently from Young House Love is very in-depth. If you have never used Ikea cabinets and want more info on how a DIYer could install Ikea cabinets, I think this post is a good start before you buy one cabinet or tool. We’ve had experience with one Ikea kitchen and plan to do it again soon, and I hope to write something about our experiences after round two. But in the meantime, this post is an awesome starting point. I always appreciate that YHL does not mess around with blog posts. They are so super detailed, you can tell how much work goes in to each post!

I cannot get enough of this album. I have checked it out from the library four weeks straight, and I am tempted to buy it, I enjoy it so much! That’s saying a lot for me, as I’m pretty cheap when it comes to buying things like books and music. It’s super duper catchy!

Ok, friends, that’s it. Have a happy weekend!

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