We are not experts.  We have never received formal education in the field of home remodeling and repair.  Everything we have learned has been from trial and error, research, and good ol’ hard work.  We are not responsible for any project that you may try that does not work out, and we ALWAYS suggest you do your own research and talk to the professionals in your area.  Building codes vary, homes are all different, so what has worked for us may not work for you.  We wish you all the best in your home improvement and project endeavors, big or small.  Please be smart and safe!

Currently, we are not paid for ANYTHING on this blog–it’s just for fun and because we want to document the constant projects we have going on around here.  If we were ever to be paid, receive any sponsorships, review any projects, you would know, because our excitement giddy would definitely be noted:-)

All opinions on any products are our own, and all ideas are our own, to the best of our knowledge!  We will always attempt to give credit where credit is due. 🙂



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