Outdoor Shower

I honestly was not even sure I remembered how to sign in to my blog, it’s been that long…whoops.  I feel like I need to introduce myself.

My name is Sarah.

My husband and I like DYI.  We are addicted to projects.  Perhaps a hobby sounds better than an addiction.

We have 3 boys (hence the blog name).

We live on a little piece of land.

Which leads to the project that we finished this spring, and it has been the project that is in the running for rookie of the year around here, and it has also garnered the most questions and comments from friends and family.

Let me introduce you to….

Shower 1 Sarahandtheboys

Henrietta, the outdoor shower.  Yes, I’ve named her, kind of like one would name a boat, as this is the closest I’ll probably get to a boat–ha!

I keep struggling to get a picture of her when she’s dry, because she’s rarely dry!  We use her all of the time (hence the potential rookie of the year award).

It may seem strange to have a shower outside, but around here, it works pretty well. Our kids play (or swim!) outside a lot in the summer.  It has been wonderful to be able to let them be in the great outdoors, making a mess to their heart’s content, and have them clean up and leave their mess outside before they head inside.

Added plus?  Their inside shower isn’t needing to be scrubbed.  #winning

Shower 2 Sarahandtheboysblog

Nathan and I have always had a thing for whales, so it seemed like the right spot to add a nautical touch.  If only there was an ocean down the street.  #notwinning #whydoiliveinthemidwest



The whole thing is pretty spacious.  The hooks on the inside come in super handy for wet swimming gear.


The way it’s situated, you can open the door to the shower, go immediately left into the the garage, and then another immediate left into the mudroom.

Of course, this whole deal wouldn’t be perfect for a typical suburban home (hello creeper!), but pretty perfect for our country paradise.  🙂  There’s something amazing about taking a shower on a summer day and watching the blue skies and clouds float by.


My flowers are pretty happy, too.  I’ll be back Monday with a little breakdown of how we put Henrietta together.

PS Facebook and Instagram want lots of $$$ from me to get my post into your feed (darn algorithms), so please consider just subscribing by email if you want to see more diy/project news.  Or check back in often!  I’m going to try to work harder at posting.  We’ve got so many projects in the pipeline, it’s a good time to follow!





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