Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers

As I decorate my home, I don’t really like to rush through and buy random pieces at Home Goods/Target/Hobby Lobby, etc. just to fill a space and make it look finished.  I want the things in my home to be things I really really love or something that has personal meaning.

Our bedroom has been quite a project and I hope to share more with you soon.  Today is just a small sneak peek into the changes that have happened in that space.

I really love the quote, “Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers” and wanted it to be a centerpiece in our bedroom.  Somehow.  I didn’t know how.

A quick google search found several beautiful “Adventurers” pieces of art, as there are many talented artists that have taken their own spin with that quote.  I’m not sure where the quote originated, but I’ve always loved the romantic idea of adventure with my darling.

As I searched etsy, I found an artist named Katherine DeBoor that had a style I liked.  She had an Oh Darling Listing that jumped out at me and a description on the listing that her art could be personalized.

I knew immediately that I liked her hand lettering, but I needed the art to be more us.  As in Nathan and Sarah.  You see, we like adventures.  We like the outdoors.  This year has not been our best outdoor year, as we’ve taken on this major project, but I always want to have our sights set on adventures.  I wanted it to be a reminder to us every time we walk into our room.

We love to be in boats.  To canoe.  To be outside.  We like to get our kids in boats and on the water at an early age.  Which also means camping in a tent with an infant/toddler.  Which also means no sleep.



So I knew what I wanted our adventure to look like, but I had to communicate this with Katherine.  It was there in my head, but we were having conversations over Etsy, so that’s tricky.  She’s in Indiana.  I’m in Missouri.

I sent her photos of trees that I wanted.  Boats that I wanted.


And she was amazing!  Katherine sent me probably a dozen different sketches of ideas.  We narrowed down by her sketches.  Then I changed the size.  Ok, let’s be honest, I changed the whole listing!  What a trooper!

The end product was just what I had wanted.

oh darling sideview sarahandtheboysblog.com

oh darling photo  sarahandtheboysblog

oh darling sideview sarahandtheboysblog.com

Oh Darling  Sarahandtheboysblog

She delivered just what I had in my head!  Yay, Katherine!

I’m not being sponsored for this post.  And she does not even know I’m writing about her or her awesome work.

She has lots of other fun (and affordable) pieces of art on her Etsy page.  I especially like this personalized watercolor you can have done of your family.  What a fun Christmas gift this would be for your sweetie, friends, or relatives.

I would encourage you, as you decorate your spaces, to try to be intentional.  Try to not just fill spaces with stuff that’s pretty, but stuff that you love.

Things that bring back memories.

Things that bring you joy.

I have spaces in my home that sit empty as I look out for the right thing.  I know what that thing is, but it won’t come with one trip to the box store.  Homes are meant to be spaces that reflect you, not spaces that are a regurgitation of the latest Pottery Barn catalog.

Be intentional. Let your house be YOU.

Be adventurers, my friends.


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