How To Refresh Antique wood in 10 Minutes for less than $10

When I recently shared about my new door, I took this interior photo:

Living room after new door//Sarahandtheboysblog

The antique sewing machine serves as our little entryway piece.  It does not really have any purpose other than decoration (and holding a surround sound speaker).

This antique is something my mom passed down to me.  I’m not sure where she picked it up, but she used it as her primary sewing machine when I was little.  Eventually she upgraded, but I have memories of her making Christmas dresses on this machine. I remember one particular Christmas where she made my sister and I matching velvet dresses.  The material was so heavy, she had a heck of a time and had to pull this old Sears & Roebuck into service to help sew through the thick fabric.

It’s been in my house for at least 10 years, and in storage before that.  The finish was looking pretty worn out.  Water rings, and just dry.

I didn’t want to refinish the piece.  I liked the patina of the old finish.  Plus, it’s at least 100 years old, and I see no point taking away the original finish!  But I didn’t want it to look quite so rough and aged.


I used a product called Restor-A-Finish.  Basically I just wiped a thin coat on with a rag (material applied to the rag, not to the furniture) and, wiped off any excess that didn’t absorb.  I repeated once.  It took ten minutes, tops.

I was pretty tickled by the difference it made!  Why had I waited so long?




This is not rocket science or mind blowing, but I thought you may want this little tip for your own antiques.  It’s the easiest DIY ever!

Happy Friday, Friends!


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