Outdoor Garage Updates & Pipe Dreams

We’ve been in the middle of an addition to our home, it’s not something that will be done quickly….more at a snail’s pace.  But Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Last I updated on the exterior of our garage doors, it looked like this:

garage doors finished

We had no driveway, no electrical, therefore garage doors that would only open manually, no lighting installed, and we were dealing with a lot of this:

mudfront property
That, my friends, was the view out of my back door all winter.  Let me tell you, it was muddy outside our house AND inside our house.  Try telling 3 boys to stay out of the mud for 6 months.  The holdup and the reason for all the forever mud is that we had the project started in October/November, but we didn’t pour concrete till the temperatures warmed up in the spring and the weather cooperated.

Even though I get anxious to move this project along at a faster rate, it’s good to look back at these old photos, because it’s come a long way, baby!

As of today, this is where we stand:

house 6

Our driveway has been poured.  I was about to hug the contractors when they came with all their fancy machines and trucks full of concrete.

Also, you can see that we added lighting all along the garage doors.   They are not the nicest, fanciest lights ever, but I think it helps the house look more finished.  Lighting on a house are like the “accessories” that really set off the perfect outfit (not that I would know, since I never remember to accessorize).  Hopefully these will last for a bit, and perhaps when they are wearing out we can replace with something a little nicer.

house 3

I have a friend that’s in the middle of a major remodel at her home, and she summed it up best when she said, “I feel like there’s a hole in the bottom of my wallet.”  

Ummmm.  Yeah.

But we are coming along!

Having a driveway is so nice, parking in the garage is a luxury that I missed dearly when I was banished, and 2 of the 3 garage doors are fully-functional with a garage door opener!

house 2

We now have a really long driveway.  The old garage space and driveway connects to the new garage and driveway.  What we’ve done so far to this original space is enclose the old 2-car garage, exchange garage door openings for windows, and replace the light up high to match the garage door lights (it’s larger in scale than the garage door lights).

house 1

Ascetically, we would like to purchase shutters for the new windows that match the front of the house, making this space feel more original and less plain.  Also, I think two large, long planters underneath the windows would help break up the long driveway and make it feel less concrete-ish.  For now, a generous friend gave me some pots and old patio furniture when she was moving, and I’ve just added those plants to help add some warmth.

When I was taking these photos, I noticed I had a photobomber! I’m pretty sure I scared the crap right out of him.  Literally.


scared turtle

I love this photo I happened to catch of the boys visiting with the scared little turtle.  Eventually they got him off the driveway and set him free in the back yard.

house 5

What do you think?   I would love suggestions and ideas from you on what to do with our old exterior space/garage to make that feel more warm and inviting?  It gets a lot of sun, so it’s not exactly a fun space to “hang out” or put seating.  Plus we’ll use that for parking space when we have guests, so it needs to stay somewhat clutter-free.

Hopefully next week I can share about our patio and our future plans pipe dreams.

4 thoughts on “Outdoor Garage Updates & Pipe Dreams

  1. I’s have a hard time reserving that area for parking–it’s so nice! That high empty space in between windows seems to begging for something….not sure what though. Tall trellis for climbing plants? Espaliered trees? Brick wall with fountain that spits water? Potting table/planting bench? Or just somehow turn it into an outdoor classroom? Lots of ideas because it’s OPM:) (other people’s money) Looks good though!

    • yes, amy! I would agree, it’s begging for something. Don’t think the hubs would want to fiddle with a water feature, but it needs something!

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