Simple Chalkboard Platter & Giveaway!

***Edit: Giveaway is now closed.  Congrats to Erica, lucky #1!***

Last fall I got a wild hair and picked up two silver platters at a thrift store.  They were not high-quality, antique sterling silver platters, so I didn’t feel bad when I painted them.

Years ago on Pinterest I saw this idea:

The link to this photo does not work, so I didn’t really have any guidance on making the item, but the picture pretty much tells the story.  (If you know the original source of the photo, I’d love to know).

chalkboard platter ideas

First step is finding some cheap platters that you don’t mind painting.

before platters

Next step (not pictured):

I used some liquid deglossor over the part of the plate that I was painting, just to hopefully help the chalkboard paint to adhere.  My mother in law actually used a spray paint primer I believe, when she made some similar last fall (turns out we made some within weeks of each other, without the other knowing.) 🙂

Once that dried, I just simply hand-painted some old chalk paint I had on the platter.

painting platter

It took two coats to cover fully. Unfortunately, I think my chalk paint is old and so it’s not the smoothest finish ever, but it got the job done!

After a few days, I seasoned my chalkboard (rubbed chalk sideways all over it, fully covering with chalk, then dusting off.  This will prevent you from seeing the first thing you write on it forever and ever).

Over Thanksgiving, my sign said “Thankful”, over Christmas I think it said “Joy”, over Valentine’s day it said, “Sweet”, and the other day I chose to write “Shine”.

chalkboard platter sideview sarahandtheboysblog

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16

kitchen shelf sarahandtheboysblog

It is stuck to my wall with two 3M stickers that pull off for easy removal.

So, since I was making a platter/sign for myself, I decided to make one for you as well!  And since it’s my birthday month, I decided I should celebrate with a giveaway!

giveaway sarahandtheboysblog

This little chalkboard-themed giveaway includes:

*glass mason jar style drinking glass with chalkboard label (Marshalls)

*chalk board note cards (Michaels)

*chalkboard style stickers (think adorable letters!–got this at Marshalls)

*Chalkboard sign/platter/plate (made with love from me)

*Black and Whilte dish towel (Target)

(not included: plate display stand, but you can easily pick one up at your local craft store)

***Contest Closed.  Lucky #1 Erica Won according to!***

Here’s what you need to do to enter the giveaway:

Comment below on your favorite thing about March (my birthday month, so obviously one of the best months of the year):

If you want extra entries:

If you want extra entries, share this giveaway (or a different blog post from this blog) on either your Facebook or Twitter page and leave a second comment naming where you shared (FB or Twitter).

You are entered! Thank you for reading and celebrating my birthday with me!

The fine print: Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary. Available to anyone in the contiguous United States, must be 18 or older to win. One winner will be chosen at random from comment(s) approved on this blog in comments section (not on FB or any other platform of social media). Winner will contacted by sarahandtheboysblog via email. Deadline to enter is Saturday, March 28th, @ 10pm cst.

Use of a private social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter) to promote this giveaway is at the entrant’s sole discretion and not required to enter. Note, promotion of a giveaway via social media accounts such as Facebook and/or Twitter are commonly used as a marketing tool, and also to provide entrant with an extra chance to win.

14 thoughts on “Simple Chalkboard Platter & Giveaway!

  1. Beautiful, Sarah! You’re full of wonderful ideas. March is fabulous because it excites us that Spring is almost here and gives us hope that the winter will end… eventually.

  2. Super cute!!! My fav part of march is actually two fold. First I love the first sightings of my iris and tulips. It always makes me smile. Second I love the Monday following spring break when most of my littles are back at school. 🙂 I can actually finish a cup of tea while it’s still hot!!!

  3. Sarah your so creative! My favorite thing about March is spring break. I try to take the week off every year to spend time with my kids. Even though we don’t have the funds for a get-a-way vacation, we make the most of our time together. It never gets any easier to go back to work after spending precious moments with them.

  4. I actually love the random, wild weather in March…you just never know what will happen. I like surprises! I also love the crocus and forsythia bushes, typically the first things to bloom!

    p.s. Love the platter with the chalkboard paint!!

  5. March is birthday month in our family! Nate turned 20 on March 1st, and Brandt turned 18 on March 6th. I love being the mother of these two gifts! My sweet sister’s birthday also happens in March!

  6. I love March because of spring break! We haven’t gone on a big trip during this week, but I just love the break in school and the slow mornings that come along with no school!

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