Almost Millionaires?

Well, I’ve been MIA…again. I have been a productive little girl, but not productive on the blog. Several have asked me what’s going on with our garage addition, and so I thought I’d share some quick photos of the progress. If you are one that wants to see nice, exciting, pretty, pinterest-worthy blog posts, this isn’t the post for you! But if you are curious about home remodel/diy, then this may be interesting to you. 🙂

Last I checked in, we had a garage, but not much else was done. Progress is slow. Inside, Nathan & my dad have been working on this:

boring electrical

Did you fall asleep? I know, boring. It’s been a lot of work, but they’ve been running additional electrical to the garage, something called a “sub panel”, and that’s where I dozed off.  Important, I know, but not the fun stuff.

Also, Nathan has been working on updating some of our existing home so that we can have the gutter company come and put up gutter on the new garage and backside of the existing home. He took down all the soffit, installed lighting, electrical outlets, and ran sound from our inside sound system to the exterior.  Once we have a patio we’ll be able to enjoy music out there (or a St. Louis Cardinals game, for me). 🙂 Again, this wasn’t exciting work, but I am the first to admit that it looks a little better and the additional lighting will be nice.

back of house

I think this photo gives you a good idea of where the lighting is. If you look up under the soffit (under the overhang) you can see some recessed lighting. The only lighting that was out there originally was the little light off the patio doors. Now we have several lights, so all sides of the patio will be lit. He put these on some sort of dimmer switch so we don’t have to have them at full strength if we wanted low lighting. They are also LED, so they use very little electricity.

The speakers are not anything fancy or super expensive.  And I’m sure the sound won’t blow your mind, but it will be nice to have a little outside entertainment.  Here’s another view, from the side.


It looks like we belong on the Beverly Hillbillies.  It’s rough out there.  I’m tiring of my “lakefront property”. And muddy house. This is the view from our dining room.

mudfront property

But someday it will be worth it, when we can go out and enjoy our patio and have a driveway so we can park in the garage.  The contractor is supposed to come back soon and finish grading and pour concrete.  {hurry, hurry, concrete team!  I’m ready for you!  I’ll bake you cookies!!}

The most “fun” part for me as of late was seeing the garage doors go up:

garage doors finished

Since our old garage was two doors, we decided to just start fresh and go with three new doors.  I could have gone wild with garage door styles and picked out some custom made, crazy-fancy doors, but the budget sure wouldn’t allow that! These are quality, but reasonable priced garage doors.  We spent a little extra to get metal backed doors (vs vinyl) and higher R-Value insulation.  I think the window grid goes nicely with our home and the hardware is a fun touch, for me. We went ahead and had them installed, because what a the contractor charged to install them was so reasonable, it just didn’t justify our time in installing ourselves.

We are hoping to add more lighting to the garage soon, when the budget allows.  We had the contractor install a few recessed lights (centered over each door, as the arrow indicates):

garage door with light

But we are also planning on adding some sort of wall sconce in-between every garage door opening, to add more light and character.  I threw some circles in-between each garage door, just to get an idea what it would look like.  I don’t know what to do down on the left end, as I’m afraid a fourth one may look cramped down there.  Thoughts?

garage with possible lighting

I guess it does not matter too much, as right now we fit in really well with the Clampetts.  Does that make us almost millionaires?


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