Piece of Cake Whole Wheat Pancakes

Generally during the week I encourage healthy breakfast eating.  We eat a lot of eggs, and a lot of smoothies.  We limit the cereal, because the boys stay full for all of 10 minutes before they ask for breakfast again.

Once I quit teaching my Saturday Jazzercise class and moved to an all-weekday teaching schedule, I started making the boys pancakes every Saturday.  They love this tradition.  This morning, when I was whipping together a batch, I thought I should share my tried-and-true recipe with you.

Piece of Cake Whole Wheat Pancake // sarahandtheboysblog

I still want to give them a delectable, yummy, pancake, but of course, try to sneak some wheat flour into the recipe.  You could increase or decrease the wheat flour, but you may need more liquid if you increase the wheat flour.  Also, be really careful to not over-stir your batter; lumpy is good.

Piece of Cake Whole Wheat Pancake Recipe // sarahandtheboysblog

I almost always just make sour milk (as opposed to buttermilk) pancakes.  They always turn out just fine this way, though if you have buttermilk on hand, it’s definitely the tastier option!

Piece of Cake Whole Wheat Pancake // sarahandtheboysblog

Piece of Cake Whole Wheat Pancake // sarahandtheboysblog

I typically have just one pancake, plain or with a little bit of peanut butter.  The boys eat a triple batch.  I’m not kidding.  To keep the sugar intake down, we use unsweetened applesauce on top instead of honey or syrup.  But Grant said I needed to take a photo of one with butter melting on top, so I obliged.

piece of cake pancake re 1
One batch equals about 8 servings (smaller than shown in photo) with approximately:
*122 calories
*5g total fat (1g sat. fat)
*3g protein
*1g fiber

Let me know if you try this. Enjoy!

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