6 Months Of Blogging

I’m over the hump of the 6-month point of blogging.  Professional blogger, I am not.  Consistent blogger, I am not.  BUT, I do like blogging and my hope for 2015 is to write more often.  I have a lot of newer readers, so I thought I would be fun to take a little walk down memory lane of my most popular posts of my first 6 months.  Keep in mind–“popular” may not be huge by normal bloggers–but for this small little blog, this is what has been most read.


It’s About To Get Real


I officially threw my hat in the blogging ring, committing to write more posts.  When I wrote that, I had no idea how difficult it would be to consistently post, or how much time one stinkin’ post would take.  But I found quickly that I enjoy sharing my thoughts on the web.


Better Than Panera Greek Salad was the first recipe I ever posted to the blog.  yum.

greek salad5 sarahandtheboysblogUpdate: I’m ready for summer, the pool, and these foods in my garden again!

In Stamps, Bones And Art I shared an interesting way to use a collection as decoration.

stamp art 1 sarahandtheboysblog.comUpdate: This sparked creativity in readers and several shared the collection-inspired art that they made!

How To Get The Stank Out Of Workout Gear stuck a cord with folks.  I was relieved to know I’m not the only one that is annoyed by the funk in workout clothing!

post workoutUpdate: my workout clothes (and stinky wash cloths) still get this treatment, but it seems less frequent in the winter.


Now, far and away, this has been the most read, most shared, most commented on post that I’ve written.  Generally has been received positively.  I held my breath when posting The Day I Told My Kids No More TV because I didn’t want to add to the “mommy wars”.

no more tv headerUpdate: We still watch very limited TV at home.  Sometimes on Saturday we’ll watch it for 1/2 hour or so.  We are halfway through winter and we are plugging along!  Still don’t regret this decision.  My kids are so much better for it, and they never ask to watch television anymore.  They are always super excited when I offer, though 🙂

Another popular September post was when I played a Debbie Downer and warned everyone about the Pumpkin Spice Latte in Smashing Pumpkins: The Sad Truth Of the Pumpkin Spice Latte

sad truthUpdate: I still don’t like the taste of a pumpkin spice latte.


I, again, played Debbie Downer with my post The Death Of Denim and The Danger Of Leggings.  And I thought of it every stinkin’ time I chose leggings over jeans this winter.

legging header 2Update: I still like leggings.

November & December were pretty quiet for me.  I should have been posting lots of beautiful Christmas photos, but instead the boys and I plugged away at school hard core.  So at the end of December, I resolved to do more writing in 2015.


My most popular post to date in January was last week when I shared about all the changes going on at our home, with Ch Ch Change…. 

hunter boots sarahandtheboysblog.comUpdate: This major project is just beginning so I am sure you’ll see lots more on our home remodeling adventures in the future!

Thanks to all of you for reading!  It’s been a fun ride for me.  Coming up soon on the blog (shameless teaser/plug):

*Free Farm Table

*Knox’s Birth Story

*Garage Door Decisions

*Chalky giveaway

*Much Much More!

Much Love,


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