I Am Still Alive

Over Christmas break Nathan told me that he missed reading his favorite blog because the blogger had quit posting.  I stupidly replyed, “What’s  your favorite blog?”  Oh, wait.  That’s me.  Yep, I got busy and quit posting.  BUT I didn’t quit instagramming, so I’ll share a few of those photos with you.

I won’t bore you with the minute details of life, but I will say that life just got busy.  It happens to the best of us.  Throughout December I kept thinking of posts I wanted to write, things I wanted to say, but life just kept getting in the way.  I think if I ever wanted to make a career out of this blog thing, I would need to hire a sitter.  Because staying at home and mothering 3 boys, homeschooling, and teaching 5 Jazzercise classes takes about every ounce of me :-).  That’s an okay thing {correction–a great thing}, I like my jobs, my season of life, and I’m thankful for it.  But unfortunately, I write more blog posts in my head that never get put on paper…er…on a screen.

A big change for me that happened this December is that I quit teaching Jazzercise on Saturday mornings and moved to a Monday-Friday teaching schedule.  Teaching my last Saturday class was strange, as I’ve worked out on Saturday morning for as long as I have been working out.

But the boys were happy, they were ready to have a real Saturday morning. We adjusted quickly, celebrating our “Free” Saturdays with made-from-scratch pancakes.

We had a great fall/Christmas/holiday season. The boys and I worked very hard on keeping up on school, even when that meant doing it on days we were sick with the flu (as in the real influenza or some other virus masquerading a the flu). We made it to the end of our school semester, and there was much celebrating.

I spent the small amount of time I had between the end of school and Christmas crafting. Cause that’s what I do best. Ignore the long lists of things that need to be done, all in the name of creating.

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Saturday morning creativity.

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I waited till the very last minute to order many gifts, so there was much panic when I couldn’t find one on the 23rd of December. Amazon said it had been delivered by FedEx, but I searched high and low, to no avail. Turns out FedEx thought it was delivering to the Keebler Elves, and brought our package to a front yard tree (look closely and see the delivery tag around a nearby branch).

Christmas came and went (much fun, much mess, many new Legos to step on). We had lots of company the week following Christmas. As many as 16 folks on any given day, for a ten days. It was a lot of fun, but tiring, too (apparently so fun that I didn’t take a single photo?).

The day after company left I should have been vegging out, but we don’t know how to do that around here. I decided that Monday after a major holiday and a week of company was a good day to start potty-training a 23-month old.

He’s young to potty-train, but he was showing some signs of interest, so I siezed the day, and one week later, he’s staying dry. Today was his first accident-free day. #winning #holla

Meanwhile, this is happening outside our back door.

But, really, who cares about what’s happening outside, when one can admire this, inside?

I hope your holidays were great, that you have toddlers with dry pants, and that all your packages made it to your front door #stillbitterfedex

much love, XOSJ
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