Holiday Card Ideas {and a giveaway!}


It’s that time of year.  Holidays are upon us and one of my favorite parts of this season is the sending and receiving of cards.  I feel like many of us are giving up on card sending for a variety of reasons: too busy (I totally get that), and younger generations are not in the habit of sending Christmas cards, or mail at all.  Additionally, have you checked out he price of a stamp recently? That makes things add up quickly!

I know with the advent of social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we are constantly inundated with photos and feel like we are up to date with everyone so we don’t need to send a card.  Truth be told, I miss a lot of what happens on Facebook, Instagram, etc., so I LOVE Christmas cards.  There is something so personal, so lovely, so exciting about receiving a card in the mail from someone from near or far.

My opinions about holiday cards:

*If you have growing kids that change leaps and bounds each year, a photo is nice.

*If you have taken a recent vacation and want to use that as your holiday photo, great.  But if you do it year after year, your photo just looks like a vacation bragging card.

*If you choose to write a holiday letter, that’s a really fun way to stay in touch with people.  Keep it short, simple, to the point.  If you drag on for pages and pages, sharing details of trips, kid’s grades, your beautiful home upgrades, etc. you lose people’s interest quickly.

*Don’t fret too much if you don’t have time to write a letter or send a card with a beautiful, perfectly matching family.  Two of our most popular Christmas card photos were not posed, planned, or well-thought out:



2010 (the one and only day Harrison insisted on that special “whale spout” hairdo…which somehow looks better than mine)

share what’s real.  share love.  spread cheer.

Don’t wait for the perfect picture or the perfect year to send or give a card.

Here are a few sources I’ve complied to help you with your holiday card sending, in no particular order:

holiday cards college

1:: Mpix 2::Two More Days 3:: Minted 4:: Laura Schembre


LetItSnowCyan-5x7PopCircle-Front1:: Mpix is a local company that specializes in the printing of high-quality photography-related items.  I used Mpix for Knox’s birth announcements and I was very happy with the quality for the price.  It’s easy to go to Tiny Prints or Minted and spent a small fortune.  Mpix is a great choice if you don’t want to give up on quality!

merrybright_large2::  Two More Days is a talented local friend here in Mizzou Country that has an online store selling digital scrapbook supplies, among other things.  She has a BARGAIN template that you can purchase and customize for your family, and print off anyplace that works for you {do you recognize that family???  I’m pretty sure it’s our first and last modeling gig 🙂 }.  Buy any of Kim’s items and take comfort in knowing you are buying a quality product from a busy mom that creates this beautiful art in her spare time. {and if you are into digital scrapbooking, she has lots of selection!}


brilliant_joy-holiday_postcards-sarah_hawkins_designs-black3:: Have you ever considered sending a Christmas Postcard?  I’ve received a few, and I think they are a really fun and cheery way way to send cards, yet at the same time stand out, because it’s a postcard!  An added bonus would be that you save on postage. I found many cute postcard formats on Minted {they can be pretty pricey},  but consider this option for your next card.  Perhaps you can have it personally designed by the next gal below!



4:: Last, but certainly not least, is my friend, Laura Schembre!  She is another very talented professional graphic designer, and I’ve been very impressed and inspired by her work.  She is offering a STEAL on custom card design and printing.  Friends, if you’ve ever looked into custom card designs, you’ll be astounded by her pricing.  Check her out and be confident that you’ll be working with a cool, creative gal and you’ll have a custom design like no other {she also does amazing invites, logos, and other graphic design work, so please keep her in mind for all of your design needs.}  Laura is in the process of opening an Etsy shop, so watch out!!!

And to top off all of this holiday cheer, I have a giveaway for you!  I contacted Kim & Laura and they have generously offered to give one winner:

From Laura Schembre:

Laura Schembre Card Set

*a six-pack of these adorable holiday cards (two of each design)

From Kim, at Two More Days:

two more days greeting card set

two more days adventual set

*a 3 pack template of Christmas Card designs (you use her template and fill in with your photo, and boom!  Adorable, personalized card!) ALSO, the Adventual Digital scrapbooking kit!

If you win you’ll have no excuse as to why you didn’t send or give holiday cards this year!

***Giveaway closed!  Congrats to Molly!****

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

comment below {in comments section} on your favorite part of the holiday season.

If you want extra entries:

If you want extra entries, link this giveaway on either your Facebook or Twitter page and leave a second comment naming where you shared (FB or Twitter).

You are entered!  Thank you to Laura & Kim for your generosity!  Don’t forget to check out their websites at and

The fine print: Void where prohibited by law.  No purchase necessary.  Available to anyone in the contiguous United States, must be 18 or older to win. One winner will be chosen at random from comment(s) approved on this blog in comments section (not on FB or any other platform of social media).  Winner will contacted by sarahandtheboysblog via email. Deadline to enter is Saturday, November 21st, @ 10pm cst. 

Use of a private social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter) to promote this giveaway is at the entrant’s sole discretion and not required to enter.  Note, promotion of a giveaway via social media accounts such as Facebook and/or Twitter are commonly used as a marketing tool, and also to provide entrant with an extra chance to win.


24 thoughts on “Holiday Card Ideas {and a giveaway!}

  1. My favorite thing about Christmas in our home is that our kids are genuinely happy to receive gifts that are practical, like shoes and socks. Even though we could probably afford to go crazy and give them the latest game consoles and gadgets, we never have. I joke about “keeping gift expectations bar low”, but it’s really more about teaching our children to be grateful for all the blessings they already have.

  2. My favorite thing about Christmas is making memories with my kids. During Christmas break, I take off work for a couple of weeks, and we go and do volunteer work together, we bake, we wrap presents and just enjoy those 2 weeks together without distractions.

  3. I’ve started an album of close friends and families cards. I save them each year so I can see my friends kids change and grow. I love making Christmas cards. Thanks for the tips on digital choices from local vendors. My favorite cards are the real life shots!

  4. I really like the gift giving aspect…you can be really creative with it and the pretty store displays give you plenty of ideas. It’s also fun to collaborate with your siblings for the harder people all the while drinking one of he many fun holiday drinks at Starbucks.

  5. How does anyone pick a favorite? the lights, the parties, the decorations, the music, the FOOD…in this moment, I choose the emphasis on having community around you, whether family or friends.

  6. I love a house full of green stuff, pinecones, and berries! It’s so warm and cheerful. For a couple years now, my goal has been to gather the Christmas finery exclusively from the out of doors, save some ribbons and such. We have a huge house and this idea allows me to have only one rubbermaid tote of decorations that have to be stored! The rest of it gets returned to the woods from whence it came! This year, I’ve got candles on the mind ….

  7. My favorite part is definitely going back to Iowa and being around family. Someone is always cooking, baking, there are kids everywhere. I love love it.

  8. My favorite thing about Christmas is the music. There is something about a Capella choirs or even small groups of singers singing the harmonies of favorite hymns with twinkling lights and decorations that gets me. It is quite possibly that mine and others’ hearts are just more open this time of year to the message and meaning. Cant wait to put up the decorations!

  9. So many fun things about Christmas! I love the giving and teaching my boys about it. We go to the dollar store and Jackson gets to pick out his gifts for friends and family. I love the joy that comes from giving! 😃

  10. I feel like I am still in the early years of making Christmas traditions with my own children, so one of my childhood traditions still sticks out as one of my favorites. For my entire life, my dad’s side of the family, which has now grown to be 36 people get together on the evening of Christmas. We eat, the kids receive presents and we fellowship. Although we all live near each other, it still seems to be one of the only times during the year that we are all together!

  11. The last few years more than ever, I have appreciated family time, both with our little family and our extended family. Getting to openly celebrate Jesus with family is such a blessing and one I try not to take for granted. Fun giveaway ideas, and love seeing options for supporting small businesses.

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