The Death of Denim and the Danger Of Leggings

Did you click through on this post because you thought I was going to tell you they were ugly?  Or immodest?  Or not flattering?

Nope. That’s not my deal.  If you are looking for a post to bash leggings, it’s not here.  I actually think they are cute!  If you are looking for someone to tell you when you should or should not wear them, you’ve come to the wrong spot.  Because I am no fashionista.

But I am going to give you fair warning about the leggings.  I read an article in the Huffington Post about how denim jeans sales are falling for the first time ever, and that Levi had to lay off workers, and re-vamp their product line to appeal to a new generation of ladies that are not wearing jeans.  Why?  Because of the lovely legging.

leggings 3

The denim jean has always been a staple in this culture, and I think it will continue to be a staple (though these days it seems to be higher-waisted slim jeans instead of low-waisted boot cut), but the jean is currently taking a beating.  In some parts of the market, sales are down 34 percent.  That’s a lot.  Leggings are ranked as the most popular trend, thanks to the new style, coined “athleisure”–clothes with stretch that work inside and outside the yoga studio or gym.

It’s true.  When I go grocery shopping, half of the ladies on an average weekend morning are in their Lululemon workout gear, from head to toe.  Perhaps it’s because they just came from the gym, but I don’t think that’s always the case.  It’s just cute, trendy, and a-ok to go out and about in your “athleisure”.

leggings 5

I am in the same boat most days, and I have to admit, there’s nothing more comfy than a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt.  Especially cozy this time of year.  And you can change your flats into booties, and BAM!  Night on the town.

leggings 1
So, what’s the problem you ask?  Leggings are:

// comfy.

// cozy.

// feel like you are wearing your pajamas all day, except you can look trendy and cute, instead of looking like you just rolled out of bed.

// affordable. (goodbye 7 For All Mankind, hello $20 leggings!)

leggins 2
Herein lies the problem.  A life lived athleisure pants is a life of bliss–for awhile.  Why?

Because your leggings always fit.

Yep.  There’s not an area where your butt must fit…so if you gain a few pounds, no biggie, right?  The lycra stretches.  If you eat one too many pieces of candy corn, or have a few too many pumpkin spice lattes (read my rant on those here), you probably won’t notice in your stretch pants.  There’s no zipper to call you accountable.  No tight waistline to call attention to your habits.  There’s nothing to reign you in.  I would venture to guess it would take a solid 10lbs or more before you would notice your leggings getting tight.

Am I a total buzzkill?  Yeah, probably.  But the truth is, Americans are terribly obese and gaining weight at a rapid pace each year.  I completely understand that it’s hard to keep weight under control.  I really really do.  But adding lycra to our jeans and ditching our fixed waistline pants all together may just be another piece of the obesity puzzle.

Am I calling out for you to throw out all of your leggings?  NO WAY!  But what I am saying, is be aware.  Do continue to incorporate non-stretchy pants/skirts/trousers into your wardrobe, if for no other reason than accountability.

I have heard several people jokingly say that wearing around yoga pants all day is like wearing a pair of “give up” pants.  You are giving up on holding yourself accountable.

So, continue to rock your leggings, but don’t give up.  Keep yourself in check and be mindful, and remember: the problem with leggings is that they always fit.

Much love to y’all.



**all these photos were found on Pinterest. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to figure out the original source. If you search “legging style” you’ll see many of these photos. If you can find the original photographer, please let me know 🙂

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