I’m Back In The Groove–Fall Party

I got out of my blogging groove.  First it was no internet, then we got the internet back, but I was getting ready for a fall party.  I like hosting an event, because it gives me a deadline to finish up projects and cleaning.  I need deadlines!  Anyway, it was our first time to host a fall event, but hopefully we will do it every year.  It was just a small casual group, and I was too busy hanging out and taking care of business to take as many pictures as I would have hoped…but here’s our first fall party–done on a modest budget, but still hopefully pleasing to the eye.

I made some simple signs (with help from the boys) with chalk paint and scrap pieces of wood.


There’s something so charming about pale orange and white pumpkins. They all came from a local nursery, Strawberry Hill, and my favorite grocery store, Hy-Vee (P.S., local friends, they had some amazing pumpkins at wonderful prices, if you have not bought any pumpkins yet)



I made little food labels from scrap pieces of old barn wood that were leftover from making our farmhouse table.





Nathan smoked some wonderful pork & chicken.


The table cloth is just basic yards of fabric that I’ve had for several years that are measured and cut to fit our two tables.  I didn’t even sew hems on these.  The long sides are just the finished edges of fabric and after several washes, all sides are frayed to finish 🙂


Hopefully everyone had a good time…I know we did!!!

I am kicking myself for not getting photos of the scene in the evening, when the lights were illuminating everything so beautifully.  Also, no photos of my apple pies!  Tutorial on my pie coming soon though.

Hope you have a happy week and are enjoying fall.

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