I’m off the grid

So Friday I was driving away from my home and I saw a century link fellow messing with the box at the end of our street. I thought, “that man does not look like he’s confident in what he’s doing. I wonder if our internet will work when we get home”

Well, it does not. I ignored it until Nathan decided to deal with it. I have a window of “sometime on Tuesday” when they will come and look at it… But  I wanted to let you know something that could not wait until Tuesday.

My friend is having a great giveaway on her blog. You need to go read her post on marriage and enter asap. Asap, as in right now.

It’s http://everyonewasstaring.blogspot.com

I think this is the direct link:


Now, here to hoping this loads to my blog from my phone, while at soccer practice. *fingers crossed*

And even more fingers crossed that Mr Internet man is more proficient tomorrow than he was last Friday.


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