Inexpensive Wall Art That Will Make A Big Statement

Greetings!  Thanks so much for your comments, encouragement and ideas from my post yesterday regarding kids and television.  Also, thank you for sharing my post on Facebook with your friends!  I consider that the highest honor and the greatest compliment. I always hesitate to share things that make moms feel guilty or inferior.  Goodness knows we are all at different places, and there are too many “mommy wars” out there for me to add another level of superiority or guilt.  I just wanted to share with your my experience and let you consider that TV, while it seems like a great distraction for parents and children, it may actually be making things harder on everyone 🙂

Ok, now to the point of today’s post….drumroll please!

header 2 large wall art

 We don’t have a dedicated homeschool room.  Sometimes I think it would be handy to have a dedicated space, but most days it’s better for us all to be right in the middle of the house, at the dining room table, working together.  I have a toddler to look after, and if we do school in a central location, he can play nearby dance on the table while we work.  I can start dinner, and keep my eyes on the boys when they are doing something on their own.  If I had a separate room, I know the work would stop and the fighting would begin every time I left the room. 

The only thing I don’t like about my no-homeschool room setup is that I don’t really want to hang boring phonogram charts, timelines, etc. in my dining room.  There’s not really a good space for it, and Nathan feels somewhat claustrophobic with too many decorations and wall hangings.  But, we were really needing a US Map that was out and handy.  The boys love geography, and lately they have been on a kick with their US States and capitals.  Every map I glanced at on Amazon, etc just seemed a little boring, dull, blah, and something I didn’t want to stare at each day on the way to my bedroom.  Luckily, I remembered Cavallini & Co carries an awesome line of maps, pretty posters and art work for a fantastic price.  I picked up a beautiful US map that I’m happy to see on a daily basis, for less than $4!

Inexpensive Wall Art 1

 I hung it below an antique chalkboard with some 3M stickers (that come off easily) and finished the look with some washi tape.

statement wall art 2

Nathan furrowed his brows a bit at the washi tape…he worries about damaging the walls.  Washi tape is barely sticky…but I guess he could be legitimate in his worry.  Anyone ever had washi tape damage? 

I ordered my Cavallini map from Paper Source.  It’s actually marketed as gift wrap, but it sure is nice gift wrap!  While I was placing the order, I picked up a few other fun posters/gift wrap. 

For our guest bathroom….

Cavallini Paris

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this one yet, but we have a fondness for cows in this family:

Cavallini Cows

I’m kicking myself for not ordering this one.  Wouldn’t it be darling in a boy’s room?

Cavallini Bikes

There are so many fun ones….like this one and this one and this one

There are some great posters that would make awesome wall hangings above a bed, in a hallway, in a grouping.  Get an inexpensive Ikea frame or do the washi tape version (and make your hubs furrow his brows at you) for a classy look at a low price!

statement wall art 3

You can see the map in perspective to the boys doing some schoolwork here (yes, there’s a plastic tablecloth on our farm table.  Long story for another post).

inexpensive wall art 3

How can I say no to their cute dimples and grins?

boys smiling

Have you ever used gift wrap or paper for art in your home? 

One thought on “Inexpensive Wall Art That Will Make A Big Statement

  1. I’ve never used gift wrap for decoration but I definitely tear pictures out of magazines to hang, mat or frame. My favorite magazines for this are Missouri Conservationist and Martha Stewart Living. I love the colorful nature shots and am a sucker for montages of animals and plant varieties:) Got a great thumbnail index of ~25 varieties of domestic cats I want to frame for my little girl.

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