Getting Rid of the “Stank” in Workout Gear & Other Randomness

I exercise a lot.  About 6 days a week….truth be told, if I didn’t have three kids, two of which I am currently homeschooling, I’d work out even more!  I love it (which is sort of strange for me to write, because there was a time in my life when I didn’t like exercise so much!  But that’s a whole ‘nother story…)

post workout

Just finished a good workout. Knox didn’t want to take a selfie.

The problem with workout gear is that most of it is made of polyester, quick-dry fabrics.  This helps to wick away moisture and keep me cool during a workout, but when one sweats as much as I do, eventually a “stank” builds up.  I tried to attack the smell with hot water, different detergents, vinegar, baking soda, it didn’t matter.  I was having some luck getting rid of this smell with vinegar soaks, or just spraying the offending areas with vinegar.  I thought it was working, but I don’t think it was totally doing the trick.  After awhile, the vinegar smell would wear off and my clothes would be back to the stank.  Sometimes it would smell fine, out of the washer, but within about 10 minutes of sweating I could smell “the smell” again.  Aurg!  I definitely don’t have the budget to throw away all of my workout gear every few months, but I was stumped.

I was randomly doing some different research, and had an “Ah-ha” moment, as Oprah would say.  But my moment was related to smelly clothes and cleaning supplies.  Not sure Oprah would be impressed, but I sure am.  I discovered the my sure-fire way to totally neutralize odor:


(I had a much better photo that I had taken myself, but apparently I deleted it???)

20 Mule Team Borax, it’s been my miracle stink-reducing product.  I can’t describe how it makes things smell, other than things smell like…well, nothing.  And that’s just what I want.  No other product I tried could do this–vinegar, baking soda, special expensive cleaners.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as it claims, right on the front, “Neutralizes Odors”

Here’s how I do it: I take a bucket, warm water, a generous helping of Borax (I don’t have an exact amount, but I would guess I use it pretty heavily–1/4 cup soak per gallon).  I dissolve the Borax by stirring.  The water will feel sort of “slippery”. I let the offending clothes soak for a few hours, wash, and BOOM.  Amazing.

The even better news?  Works wonders on washcloths with that stank-musty-yuck smell.  I can smell that smell from about 10 miles away.  Mildew smell is one of my all time pet-peves.  Truth: I have a hard time drying dishes or wiping off counters at your home if you have a stinky dish towel or wash cloth.  I have to literally talk myself through it and breath deeply.  Is there some sort of official phobia about being afraid of certain smells?  Cause I’ve got it.

P.S. While Borax is safe for external use, it is not safe to ingest, so keep away from children. 

Other Randomness:

Amazingly, Brilliant Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, and enjoy small roasting companies, we’ve really enjoyed the coffee from a La Cosecha Coffee Roasters.  Every single time we’ve purchased some of their beans, we’ve been thoroughly impressed.  Buy throughout the St. Louis area, or purchase online.  Probably a good thing there’s not a La Cosecha coffee shop near my home…that could get expensive.

laCosecha Coffee

(again, I had my own photo…but I deleted it. Not my photo day. This one is courtesy of LaCosecha’s website)

Tis the Season for Bacon

Last, but not least, we are in bacon season  tomato season.  I’m not a huge bacon person, but when I have a garden full of fresh tomatoes, it seems shameful to not enjoy a BLT or two (or ten, lets be real) before the summer is over.

eggs and bacon

As we all know, bacon is a pain in the rear to cook.  And I’m pretty grossed out by the amount of fat left behind in the pan.  We’ve all heard of baking our bacon…but I’ve gone to grilling my bacon.  Maybe this isn’t rocket science and you all are doing it, but we turn our propane grill on a very low temp, and bake.  This keeps the splatters, pops, and smells outside.  Using a roasting pan allows the fat to drip down, leaving a perfect, evenly cooked, less-greasy bacon.

bacon on grill
Yay for bacon!  Boo for this awful photo!  No, you are not wearing beer goggles, it’s a really blurry cell phone picture, dangit.

But you gotta watch it (the bacon, not the beer).  Those little bacon bookmarks can turn from meat to charcoal in seconds…so keep your eye on the grill.  There’s nothing more tear-inducing than a table with toasted bread, mayo, lettuce, and tomato…with no bacon.  Sniff, sniff.  Not that it’s happened to me.  I’m just imagining it would be tough.

That’s all for now friends.  I’m drowning in the beginning of our homeschool year, end-of-the-month budget, etc….but I am interested to know–do any of you grill your bacon?  Also…am I the last one to know the miracle of Borax for smelly clothes?


5 thoughts on “Getting Rid of the “Stank” in Workout Gear & Other Randomness

  1. I don’t know if there’s a official world for sour dishrag phobia, but if there is, I’ve got it too. Makes me wanna scream. You wash your hands, and then dry them on that towel and then your whole life smells like sour dishrag. Or wipe down counters and then the whole kitchen smells like it. Bad. Bad. Bad. Juju. And the incredible thing is a lot of people seem to completely not notice. I don’t get it.

    • Really glad to know borax can save my sanity! The only solution I’d found is washing the dishrags often before they go sour. That didn’t stop me from throwing away (or relegating to shop rag) the few that missed the laundry train, because I could pick out that one that had gone sour 2 and 3 laundry loads later. And it made me wanna scream. 😉

      • Yes, I have had a few that had gone too far south and the only solution I’ve found us bleach. Which isn’t great. I found sometimes vinegar worked… Sometimes baking soda worked, I think it depends on the nature of the bacteria and changing the pH to kill it. But nobody got time to do an experiment on every single dish cloth!

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