Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I never win anything.  The last thing I remember winning was when I was a kid.  A coloring contest.  It was big stuff, people. I won $10 and a pumpkin full of candy (which, in a kid’s eyes, is worth way more than the cash)! 

contest winner sarahandtheboysblog

I even had my photo in the local newspaper, and I remember feeling like a celebrity.  I thought I was chosen on my merit as a great crayola artist, but I think I was just chosen by chance.  Either way, it was my big day in the sun. 

contest winner clipping sarahandtheboysblog

I am not sure what these clowns are all about, but I seem only slightly uncomfortable with the whole situation.  I was not even four years old yet. 


So enter Thursday of last week, approximately 32 years later.  I was scanning Instagram (you should join me on my Instagram page, it’s my favorite social media platform) and stopped in my tracks as I saw this brilliant sign as an advertisement for a contest.

Amazing, yes?  I love it.  The whole package, and the fact I have 3 boys just sort of seals the deal.  So I entered the contest held at House Of Belonging

Imagine my complete shock a day later when I found out I WON an amazing sign from this artist!  Giddy isn’t even the word to describe my excitement.  I cannot tell you the amount of glee I felt when winning.  I had already been stalking the House Of Belonging for the last 24 hours prior to winning, and I was completely taken with Tiffani’s work (find her on Instagram here and on Facebook here).  My excitement (and still is) pretty high.

Now, here’s the hard part.  I need to pick out a sign.  And I need your help. Which one do you love?  I am really partial to the Peter Pan one…but there are so many beautiful signs.  Which one would you pick?

let her sleep house of belonging - sarahandtheboysblog

done in love house of belonging

Nathan really likes this style of font (you can’t beat the text either):

fix your eyes house of belonging - sarahandtheboysblog

I’m really tempted to get a shirt or a sign with the “oh darling” quote.

Oh Darling Sign House Of Belonging  - sarahandtheboysblog

Perfect for a girls room, perhaps?

 she leaves house of belonging  - sarahandtheboysblog

And this Pillow!  It’s quite appropriate, since I’m teaching a routine to the Iggy song in my Jazzercise class right now 🙂

I'm so fancy pillow house of belonging  - sarahandtheboysblog

HELP ME friends!  There are lots more on House of Belonging’s Etsy page.  Check ’em out.  Comment here, on Facebook (click here), or on Instagram (click here) and let me know your favorite.  I have to make up my mind, Tiffani is awaiting my response!!!

9 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  1. I say go with the Peter Pan quote, after all you have three boys. Me on the other hand, three girls, I’d have to go girly. Love those signs. Lucky you!

  2. Pardon my sophomoric sense of humor, but “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes” makes me think of some dog that’s not housebroken. You’ll never think about it the same. You’re welcome:) I like Nathan’s pick and also the one on the etsy page that says “tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” I love that thought.

  3. did you decide yet?? i’d go Peter Pan. They are all pretty amazing but that one just seems so amazingly perfect for your little gaggle of boys 🙂

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