Gawky Stage & “Usies”

You know that age where kids are no longer kids, but are not quite teenagers, and go through that gawky stage? Acne, rough skin, awkward?  That’s where our heart room project is.  Marked up, uneven walls, rough…ready for a coat of paint.

We’ve been fixing all the wallpaper gouges, places where the paint pulled off, and popped nailheads.  That just means a lot of drywall mudding and sanding.  Miserable work, if you ask us!  To all of the drywall finishers out there, you deserve your pay, because this is back-breaking and dusty work !  {sidenote: if we were doing more than one room, we would hire this job out.}

drywall sanding selfie

(can we please discuss my complete inability to take a selfie (or I guess the technical name would be a “usie”)?  In this post-sanding photo my eyes are totally crossed.  Seriously, just look at the camera, Sarah.  not. that. hard.)

Anyway.  The last major project before we can paint was running a few lights & wires.  The alcove of this room has always been a little awkward and dark.  I have plans for that little alcove, and job #1 was adding some light.  The smart & handy Nathan ran a few recessed lights on a switch.

Heart Room Update

Do you see all these markings on the wall?  A lot of that is the result of wallpaper.  Friends don’t let friends wallpaper (not really, I like wallpaper, I just don’t like removing it).

And while Nathan was on a roll, he added lighting to the closets.  I really really really like bright closets that I don’t have to squint to see what I’m looking for.Heart Room

I’m not sure why this photo looks pink.  But I’m too lazy to figure out why or go take a new one.

So I’m headed to my friendly paint store to buy primer, so we can bring this room out of it’s gawkward stage and it move into it’s next phase of life, the “teenager” stage.

I think I’ve decided on a pretty neutral color for this room–Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.  It’s not going to win any awards for crazy and original, but I want this room to not be all about the wall color.

reveere-pewter-500x666Via Design Sponge

Revere Pewter is a great greige.  Not totally gray, but not totally beige either.  This room (for now) will belong to Knox, but may eventually morph into Grant’s room in a few years, and I just want a great, basic, light color that will work for several years to come.

So that’s it for now.  Not a totally inspiring post, but that’s where we are.  If you have selfie advice, I’m all ears.  This girl needs serious help.  #crosseyednomore


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