Miracle Cleaning Product

Our home is full of lots of little hands.  Little hands that love to smear their little fingerprints all over windows, doors, appliances, etc.  Sometimes I’m astounded by little ones and their need to practically make out with our glass back door.  Seriously, am I the only one?  I feel like I could clean it once a day and it still wouldn’t look good for more than two seconds.

Not that I would clean it everyday.  That’s what super clean people do.

e-cloth dirty windows sarahandtheboysblog.com

I am not a super-clean person.  I wish I was a super clean person.  I’m sure Nathan wishes I was a super-clean person, too.  I am too distracted by children, laundry, piles of dishes, Jazzercise, & crafty projects to worry about cleaning everyday.

e-cloth2 sarahandtheboysblog.com

Cleaning the back doors, windows, and appliances every day would make me feel like I’m in some sort of POW camp doing the same menial task over and over and over again, with the expressed purpose of driving me insane [This is metaphorically speaking, of course, I realize that me cleaning my windows daily is not even on the same level as being a POW]

e-cloth dirty sarahandtheboysblog.com

Cleaning = I only do it because I have to do it.  When I win the lottery I’ll hire a cleaning friend.  She will clean and keep me company while I work on creative ideas.  🙂


These back patio doors have always bugged me, because every time I’ve cleaned them with window cleaner, etc., it’s a long task, and I’m never quite happy with the outcome.  I’ve used natural homemade cleaners, I’ve used Windex, foaming window cleaners, and I’m never impressed.  Streaks galore, and it’s time-consuming.

I also get frustrated with appliances, especially stainless steel.  I have bought so many expensive stainless cleaners, that smell really strong and are sort of annoying to use on a daily basis.

It wasn’t until recently that I found out that all I needed was water and a cloth!  No more chemicals, potions, annoying newspaper or paper towels.  You can’t get much better than water!

IMG_6519 Enter new cleaning superhero: my e-cloth.  Are you familiar with these?

Simply wipe down the grime and dirt with water with towel #1

e-cloth4 sarahandtheboysblog

Then polish with super duper microfiber cloth, towel #2



Easy Peasy.

Here’s the view out of the same back door, after about a 1 minute cleaning:

e-cloth6 sarahandtheboysblog

I can’t find a problem with the e-cloth.  Reduce chemical use, reduce landfill waste, be happier with your outcome.

Plus, it gives me a better view to admire Scout (I took this photo inside, he’s standing outside)

Scout sarahandtheboysblog

I received mine as a gift, but I’ve seen them locally at Clovers Natural Foods Store. I know you can purchase them through Amazon, and if you are lucky enough to be in a Frontier buying club, they are also available through Frontier.

I was recently given another type of cleaning microfiber towel as a gift (are my friends hinting around?), and it’s a local company.  I’ve yet to experiment with it, but I’m excited to try it as well.

Happy Cleaning!

PS I am not getting paid for this endorsement.  I sure wish I was 🙂

PSS Thanks, friend (you know who you are) for such a great gift!

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