A Love For Buffalo Check

Over the last year I’ve been madly in love with Buffalo Check.  Especially black and white buffalo check, or a tan and cream check.

Premier Prints Andersonvia fabric.com

Tan Check  Via Schumacher Camden Cotton Check

I’ve admired this photo on my Pinterest page forever, but I cannot seem to find the original source.  It appears to have come from a magazine.  If you happen to know the original magazine or source, let me know! 

Navy Buffalo Checkvia Belclaire House

I’ve also been inspired by My Sweet Savannah, and her seat covers.  Hoping maybe we can do something similar to our chairs soon (it’s Ikea material!  Hurry up and open, Ikea!)

check seat covers

Via My Sweet Savannah

So when I wanted to update a wreath I had for our garage door, I went into the fabric store with three boys in tow, not sure what I wanted.  Of course I came home with this: 

wreath ribbon

My 9 year old was actually quite helpful with the whole process.  He agreed that he liked this ribbon best.  I think he was agreeing with me just to get me out of JoAnns (smart boy).  The wreath I have is actually one I made a year or two ago with some dear friends (I think I was pregnant with Knox???), but I’ve never really had enough inspiration to figure out how to embellish it, or really had a place for it. Until today!

before wreath

I simply wrapped the ribbon with a slip knot around the wreath and hooked over the door. 

wreath straigh on

(eeek!  Nasty shadows and unnatural light don’t make for the prettiest of pictures!)

I have a handy 3M hook hung upside down on the outside of our garage door, so no big door hanger is needed.  This might look strange on a front door, where you would see your hook hanging upside down in your entryway, but it’s nice for the garage door so I don’t have to commit to anything permanent.

wreath back

I’m happy to have this wreath out of the bag and hanging up.  Although I feel like burlap fabric has sort of been overdone, I still like this wreath and am glad to have a chance to use it (FINALLY!)  It’s a nice, homey greeting on the way to the car.

full door

Unfortunately, the hallway to the garage isn’t exactly full of natural light, so the color isn’t quite right…a little more yellow in photos 😦

What do you think?  Are you still into burlap, or is it so 2012?  Any ideas on how to embellish it further, or is it good the way it is?

wreath closeup


on an unrelated note, Nathan and I have decide that it’s time for K-man to sleep through the night.  He’s not getting it on his own, and waking up with an 18-month old every hour or two is getting exhausting.  He wasn’t a happy camper last night…..and I felt like my soul was being sucked out listening to him cry.  Praying tonight is better (and not worse!)


9 thoughts on “A Love For Buffalo Check

  1. Your wreath is cute. But how are you functioning to get anything done. Including a trip to the fabric store to make decisions about something as simple as ribbon when you aren’t even sleeping through the night!!! W was up the last two nights and I thought I was going to die. I clearly didn’t but survival the next day was rough. Stick it out. Sleeping through the night is heavenly for everyone. Good luck!!! But your blog (even though it’s new) makes me miss you just a shade less 😘

    • KT, did you see how I sign my blog posts? XOSJ? The SJ is your name for me and every time I use it I think of you. I miss you tons, friend. Still want to come visit. hoping for 2015! How am I getting anything done? Well, most days I feel like a zombie. Also, copious amounts of coffee. Not good, friend. love, sj

  2. I think a trip to St. Louis and back would just about Knock out the Knox Knight and last I check McD’s brews coffee. How ’bout it?

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