Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This.

So I started a blog and then I only wrote one post.  And there have been several times over the last few weeks where I have thought, oh, I should blog about this!  And then I get overwhelmed by all the things I’d like to do, like take fancy pictures for the blog, or finish my “about” section and then, instead, I write nothing.  So enough of that.

Here’s what’s going on and how I’m feeling about it:

1.) We got about ten inches of snow over the last day  Normally, I’m a huge lover of snow, but I’m ready to feel the breeze of spring and not have to worry about how warmly dressed my (almost) two-month old is.

2.) About 6 weeks before my, we got in way too deep with a remodel project.  Normally, we LOVE remodeling and all the creativity and work that goes along with that, but this ended up being a little stressful.  We started this project, with good intentions of getting some good progress under our belt, only to have our little sweet one two weeks later.  Yep.  He was born via an emergency c-section a month early (another story).

3.) We homeschool.  (well, really, I do most of the schooing part, my husband works his bootie off so I can do it).  And lately I’ve just dreaded it.  Harrison whines about how he does CAN’T learn his letters.  And Grant begs for recess every 10 minutes.  This morning I hit a wall and cried.  Then I got over myself and we kept plugging along.  Struggling is part of the process, I think.

4.) I turned 35 a few weeks ago.  That means I’m only 5 years from 40.  I know it’s not that old, but yet, I hate that number.  Sigh.

5.) I have a great husband.  He seriously is wonderfully patient with me, encouraging, and puts up with a lot.  He works super duper hard so I can stay at home with our kids, and I can’t imagine life without him.

So, even on these blah days, I am really blessed.  And writing it all down reminds that these little problems are just that–little–and I am truly blessed beyond wildest dreams.


More on our remodel project soon!


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