Here I Am…

Well, here it goes.  I have contemplated writing a blog for years now, as I’ve always enjoyed reading them.  My hesitation has always been two-fold:

1.) I don’t have enough time to start another project.

2.) Blogs can be very narcissistic.

I’m not really interested in having another thing on my list of “to dos” that will stress me out. I have a house full of boys to take care of (even a male dog–totally outnumbered here), including a one-month old.  Do I need another thing to do?  Probably not.  But lately, I feel like life is flashing before my eyes and I’m not getting a chance to document it, and properly remember the little things–like the fact that my 4-year old says “woopsie dasies” every time he makes a mistake, or that my 7-year old is obsessed with the comic Calvin & Hobbes.  I don’t want to forget the little things.

So here I am.  I am not even sure if anyone will read this.  I’m not sure if it’s worth anyone reading.  Maybe this blog will stay my little secret.  But it will be worth it to me if I document our life, our home, and our kids.  Because, let’s be honest, they won’t look like this for long.

sweet one month old

sweet one-month old

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